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Welcome to the Mujeres Latinas Web site! I am Adela Dalto, founder of Mujeres Latinas. I created the site to capture your attention and that of all Latinas who are pursuing their dreams and to let you focus on education.

You'll find stories to motivate you to pursue and succeed in building a satisfying lifestyle! Listen to the music of the Mujeres Latinas band with a positive message of awareness, pride and unity among Latinas. With the economy down Latinas wonder if they should still pursue their dream. They want to know what the job market is really like and what types of careers can be attractive at this time. Latinas also want to know what’s it like to go to college at any age. So share your experiences to help motivate other Latinas. Be a role model! Volunteer your story for consideration to

What to Expect

We will be offering videos of Latinas sharing stories about their dreams, their experiences, careers, struggles, and the support they have to pursue their goals. You’ll also hear the latest about Latina issues and how to stay healthy in mind and body.

What’s New

After taking time out from performing to graduate from college, award winning jazz vocalist Adela Dalto has returned with a Masters in Professional Counseling. She continues her work in encouraging Latinas of all ages to turn their dreams into realities through education and keeping a healthy mind and body with recommendations of books, music, poetry, recipes, natural vitamins and exercise. The musical group Mujeres Latinas is represented by an all-female group of musicians who play a hot mix of Latin rhythms with an empowering message.

Mujeres Latinas Band

Adela Dalto leads the group which she formed in 2000. This versatile band can be heard performing several Dalto-penned songs such as the anthem Somos Mujeres Latinas, Heroina Latina and Hay Candela En La Calle. The lyrics carry a message of awareness, pride and unity among Latinas. Adela and the band have performed in major parades, women’s events and festivals around the world receiving enthusiastic support including, The National Council de la Raza, MANA, A National Latina Organization, LULAC, Somos El Futuro, Cinco de Mayo in Spanish Harlem, the United Nations celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, the Hispanic Day Parade on 5th Avenue and more. The CD is available at and on iTunes.

Young Woman's Empowerment Journal

Workshop Opportunity

The Young Woman’s Empowerment Journal is a workbook of thought provoking questions originally created for a College Now sponsored workshop in New York City. The workshop bridged high school Latinas into college courses at the local community college, which gave the students the opportunity to have the college experience and helped them to plan for a successful lifestyle.

Bring Ms. Dalto's empowerment workshop to your organization, or sign up for the next Mujeres Latinas Empowerment Workshop. Learn to lead your own group of young Latinas from 8th grade through high school in Ms. Dalto's one-day workshop. Request more info at

To purchase the Young Woman's Empowerment Journal, click here.

Adela Dalto

Adela Tona

Adela Dalto

About Adela Dalto, M.A., Q.M.H.P.

Adela Dalto is the founder of, an empowerment site for Latinas through the offering of biographies of leading Latina achievers. The site helps women find role models that motivate and help to build their self-esteem. She conducts empowerment workshops to teenage girls using The Young Woman’s Empowerment Journal, which she developed as the class workbook.

She has also conducted workshops for educators on her program. The book has been approved by the New York City Department of Education and was designed for a program to help high school Latinas transition to the college environment for the College Now program.

Ms. Dalto holds a Masters degree in Mental Health and Career Counseling and a Bachelors in Musical Performance. Prior to her interest in empowering young women, Ms. Dalto traveled to over 30 countries as a Latin Jazz singer. She has recorded 4 CDs of Latin jazz music. Her musical performances have been around the world from Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC, to El Sawy Cultural Center in Egypt, as well as top jazz festivals throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. Ms. Dalto also founded the “Mujeres Latinas” all female group, which evolved from her anthem entitled Somos Mujeres Latinas, ("we are Latin women"), and released the CD Heroina Latina, (Latina Heroine). The title track salutes women in uniform and in the workforce. Other songs motivate women to pursue a career, motivate students to stay in school and to beware of the dangers on the street.

Ms. Dalto's Mujeres Latinas band has performed for the National Counsel de La Raza, Univision’s La Mujer Festival, and in Fifth Avenue parades for Goya Foods, Chase Bank, and other corporations. As a Keynote Speaker, Ms. Dalto has appeared at the College of St. Mary’s in Omaha, the Barriento Scholarship Fund, Portland University in Oregon for the Chicano Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the annual MANA convention, the Hispanic Club at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, East Chicago Washington High School, and more.

During the 2010 Census, Adela was a Partner Specialist Agent for the U.S. Census Bureau targeting the low count areas to educate the population in the 2010 Census motto that the questionnaire was “easy, safe and important”. This task required reaching out to highest levels of community leaders to set up complete count committees for the purpose of educating the committee members about the 2010 Census, and to carry the message forward with grassroots campaigns. Some of the challenges were new immigrants being afraid to disclose information not really knowing what was contained within, and afraid that they would be vulnerable to the immigration service department.

As a Census Partner Specialist, she delivered hundreds of speeches, attended many events from parades, street fairs, health fairs, concerts, and conducted many presentations to municipalities, community and faith based organizations, libraries, schools, and after school programs. The result was a visible increase in the percentage of returns over the previous decennial in 2000.

Ms. Dalto continues to appear as a keynote speaker significant events. She conducts empowerment workshops, composes songs, and performs. is the Web site for her jazz fans. She dedicates the majority of her time to her Web site, She is the mother of 2 sons, Billy Dalto, Esq., former Legislator for the State of Oregon, and Miles E. Dalto a pianist and music producer.





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