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Latinas in the News

Yaoni Sanches Born in Havana, Cuba on September 4, 1975, Yaoni Sanchez is an influential blogger and a real heroine for her fearless narrations of life in Cuba. She has earned multiple awards and is followed by over a million readers between various websites and her own Generation Y blog site. Her articles have earned her numerous journalist prizes. Read more >
Nadja Acharoca Invitado Especial: Nacha Roca (text in Spanish)... La historia la entendemos como parte del patrimonio social colectivo. Que significa esto? Significa que la historia en cierta medida nos pertenece, la historia de un pueblo pertenece a sus habitantes, que son quienes la construyen día a día, la escriben con sus actos, acciones, formas, modos, usos y costumbres. leer más >
Carmen Medrano Carmen Medrano was our Featured Latina in March '13. It is without doubt that some of us have our environment shape us in such a way that we cannot elude our calling, even if we tried. I met Carmen Medrano at a Immigration Reform Training in New Brunswick, NJ in early March, where she was one of the leaders from the People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO) National Network. read more >





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