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Latinas can make it big no matter what career they choose—and so can you! Are you on Linkedin? Do you have a headhunter? Or are you destined to be an entrepreneur, actress, athlete or inventor? So many options, only one you. Fortunately, you can change careers many times during your life.

As long as you make up your mind, stay the course and achieve your goal you can look back and say, "Yeah, I built that!" All the challenges in between are just stepping stones on the path to success—on your terms.

Watch Amada Curling, City Clerk of the City of Passaic, share about the many hats that she wears in her job in this YouTube video.


Amada Curling

Now let's talk about what excites you, what is your dream and how do you make a plan to achieve it!

Adela Dalto

Thinking about a new career? Check out the videos below, including some on deciding on a career path and your own personality. Then visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to get an idea of the type of jobs that are popular now and in the near future. What appears to be hot now and in the near future are careers in green energy, including construction, social work and health!

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Green Construction

Think Green - Jobs for the future need the right education now! Check it out ladies!! Share the video with the men in your life. Lets get everyone educated for the jobs the world needs!


Social Work


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