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Shaklee Business Opportunity

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Planning for the future can mean many different things. Dream, set a goal and make a plan. That's how it works. Maybe you need money to execute your plan, or maybe your plan is all about making money. Here you'll find opportunities that can help you fulfill your dream. Who knows, maybe one of them is your dream come true!

The Shaklee Business Opportunity

Are you studying for exams? Worried that you might not pass? Maybe MindWorks is for you. Students taking #MindWorks just once about an hour before a test report better results because they can focus better. And when you share this product with others, you don't just get better exam results, you could make some money too!

Maybe you’re looking for a way to get healthier. Or a way to make a healthier income. Maybe you’d like both. Maybe there are things that matter more to you than money. We get it. Life can be better. You can live healthier, you can make a healthier income, and you can do it by making people and the planet healthier too. Many Latinas supported their families and became successful with a Shaklee business. Click here and the "Get Rewarded" button so you can too!

Since 1956, Shaklee Corporation has paid more than $6 billion in commissions to its independent distributors. Good health, financial freedom, sharing your passion — it could be all yours! Plan for success by clicking here to visit the How it Works page to find out more. Then go to "Start a Business" and select the package that fits you!

Earth Day, April 22, isn't the only time to show others how to make their home a safe and "green" place to be. Click to watch a video how Shaklee's Get Clean Kits can help save a family up to $3,400 compared to conventional cleaners, then sign up as a distributor yourself.

Shaklee's mission is to provide a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone. We do it by making natural products that are so exceptional, you just have to tell your friends. Every product that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise, and be gentle on the planet. That’s the short answer.

The longer answer involves all the other things we do better than anyone else:

  • Being the number one natural nutrition company in the US
  • Becoming first in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ (totally offsetting our carbon emissions resulting in a net zero impact on the environment)
  • Powering athletes with our producgts who went on to win 54 Gold Medals
  • Investing over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development
  • Testing for purity and safety with over 80,000 quality tests each year
  • Joining forces with explorer Jacques Cousteau, 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai, and other earth advocates Winning awards for our sustainable business practices and in green design for our world headquarters
  • Recycling 1,000,000 pounds of cardboard from other companies

We also pioneered a business model that empowers people to work from home, spending more time doing the things that matter most to them, and earning a healthy income by helping others. Imagine a business where you can earn financial rewards, luxury trips to exotic locations and recognition for helping people, while making a difference for the planet.

That’s part of what makes Shaklee different. The other part is the uncompromising excellence of our products.

Become a T-Shirt Vendor

Start your own business in fashion and become a t-shirt vendor! Contact us to find out more:, and write "T-Shirt Vendor" in the subject line.





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