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"Planet vs. Plastics”
A call to action on Earth Day Initiatives.

Earth Day is recognized on April 22, however, it should be a daily practice of initiatives to continue to raise awareness and to safeguard our life source, our planet. The annual event was first held on April 22, 1970. It was to demonstrate support for environmental protection that now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries”, ( This year’s official theme for 2024 is "Planet vs. Plastics”. It was in fact in 1970 that plastic water bottles were first introduced and gained popularity during the 1980’s.

By now we realize how important clean water is for our survival, our animals and plant life. We have already noticed differences all around us with heavy floods, fires, and food shortages due to drought. We also know that the biggest contributor to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas but it’s government and big corporations who have the power to make improvements to greenhouse gases.

So, what can we do right now? We can follow the initiatives of managing our plastic containers and bags which are at our control. Simple tasks as using glass and metal containers for liquids and for storing foods can make a difference. Don’t throw away your salad dressing glass jars, reuse them. Start a new fad. Make it personal by writing your name, a message, or a drawing and get the kids involved. We must educate our children how to manage their trash. When someone sees a new initiative others will do the same. We used glass before 1970 so why not use what we can recycle?

Only eight states have banned plastic bags, I wonder why not the rest of the states. Participating in Earth Day initiatives fosters a sense of stewardship. So, we can take it upon ourselves to make our own decision to replace plastic with glass or cloth. We can take action to contribute to a cleaner environment by recycling as much as possible.

By raising awareness, fostering community engagement, and promoting stewardship, we can help save our planet. It begins with me, you, our family, and our community. I’m putting a green marker on my door to let the neighbors know that I’m doing my part in replacing my plastics. I’m also going to put a sign in sheet on my door, a call to action, if anyone wants to join me on Earth Day to go around the neighborhood collecting plastics. We can talk to folks who want to listen about what they can do to be a steward for a plastic free environment.

Our actions will raise consciousness of the environmental issues facing our planet Earth to help sustain the environment for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

I have my cloth bag, a pair of rubber gloves, and a small claw rake to collect the garbage around my home. I’m ready for a plastic free healthier environment.

Adela Dalto Moraux
Peace is Love, Love is Peace

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Mentoring and Empowering Young Latinas


As we re-engage in this fast-paced world, where days pass too quickly and work never ends, we still need to learn and grow. Whether it’s about ourselves, our family, or our job, we continue to gather information about our culture and our understanding of who we are and where we want to go. With 20 Latin American countries and the 37 million women who identify as Hispanic/Latinas in the United States of America, there’s much to share on how they have taken their steps forward to improve their lives and of their family.

From crossing the border with no shoes, to being a U.S.A. born Latina, or living in the Latin American country where you were born, or wherever life circumstances have led us, We March On!


Some of you are dreaming of a career. Others are working on a degree or studying to get a necessary license. Then again, many of us are already working or at home caring for the family. We can be empowered and share the power with those around us. No matter what type of work we want or already have, we have the power to share and grow. We have dreamers in school or working and looking for a better opportunity. After all, how many opportunities of work are out there if we have the training or willing to get trained, and what’s stopping us from moving forward? For “Dreamers” it’s a legal document, but that doesn’t stop them from moving forward – they keep training, they stay informed, and they participate in events that may open the opportunity to citizenship. We know we need talented workers as we see the “Help Wanted” or “We’re Hiring” signs everywhere we go as well as online. Be open for an inspiration or motivation or an experience to move forward.

Employees are needed in so many fields such as health care, education, the environment, green energy, engineering, construction, IT (information technology), technology, entertainment, and so much more - like business and in services. Sometimes we’re not sure what we want due to a lack of exposure to the various possibilities. Sometimes we need a little help to see around us and see what’s available - Someone to help us open our eyes. No matter at what age, we all could use a little help. Be supportive of one another and the good will feed your soul and good karma will clear the way to move forward.

Seeking a mentor is a very valuable step for guidance or hearing from someone else’s experience. Sometimes we need someone to encourage us into following our dream. Sometimes we need someone to tell us we’re on the right path or just someone to listen. Share your story or your question. Come in and join us. Be mentored or be mentor.

Girls in DC
Adela Dalto


The world doesn’t stop moving. Join us to learn and share. Let’s empower each other to build an inspiring community. Read the profiles of our Latinas presented here. You’ll learn of early warriors helping to shape their countries, Afro-Latinas that were ignored and are now gaining recognition, Latinas in the arts, as writers and in music, and in science and government and even in space. As well as Presidents in Latin America, and as a Supreme Court Justice in the United States. Let us not forget the history of the Latinas of the past, and the present, that can stir our passion for achieving our roles of the future.

Adela Dalto, M.A., is a Professional Counselor offering her services as a mentor to help inform and inspire you. Want to offer your services here at Want to share your story? Ask someone you know to share their story. Want to sell in our Boutique? Write to us at: [email protected].


Want to make a change. Need to refresh your mind and reshape your body?
Get up and S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

Exercise is invaluable for staying healthy and happy in our lives. So, get moving and get fit, with a few minutes of exercise in your daily life. All you need is 20 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week to make a difference. Pick out 5 of your favorite love songs and start stretching and sing along. Singing helps build your breathing capacity. More oxygen in your body helps more cells to rebuild. Start slow and build up – maybe start with 2 songs and stretch that body out, then increase as you can. If you want to pick up the pace, check out our dance tune Tu Calor in the Heroina Latina CD available in the Boutique. You’ll be a heroine in everyone’s eyes in no time.

Sit on the floor and reach for those toes. Stretch those legs out as far as you can go. Stretch those arms out to the side then twist. Stand and reach for the sky, then twist from side to side. When you stretch you feel alive! When you dance you feel happy! Try raising your knees to your chest like you’re in a marching band. Stretching to music makes it easier!

Can’t stretch because your joints hurt? See a doctor first and find out your limitations. We all need to know our body best. Try standing with your back against a wall and run your arms stretched out along the wall from head down to the sides of your thighs - like making wings in the snow. This can help release the tension in your shoulders and the bass of the neck. Sit in a chair and raise those arms in the air. Reach for the stars and soon you’ll be a star– feeling and looking great. You will find happiness stretching and breathing deeply. Have fun!

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As the weeks go by, we will be adding more profiles of Latinas we have discovered who can inspire others with the same interests from music to science. New stories, new experiences, new testimonials that have helped Latinas to stay motivated and moving forward - Adelante!